Who We Are

Meals On Wheels is a volunteer-based nonprofit agency. We are totally supported by donations from individuals, churches and businesses.


Volunteers Needed

Volunteering brings great personal satisfaction to many people. You can be that person who makes a. difference. If you would like to help, call (864) 487-2730.





Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is Meals On Wheels?
  2. Who receives Meals On Wheels?
  3. How does one receive meals??
  4. How does it work?
  5. How can I help?
  6. How can companies help?

What is Meals On Wheels?

Cherokee County Meals On Wheels provides a daily (Monday through Friday) hot, nutritious noonday meal and personal contact to homebound persons who have no other way of receiving this service. The service is provided on the basis of need regardless of age or income. Meals On Wheels does not receive any government or United Way support. The service is funded by contributions from churches, community groups, businesses, individuals, fund raisers and recipients. The recipients are not charge for their meals.

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Who receives Meals On Wheels?

Persons who live alone, are unable to shop or to prepare meals, are primarily homebound, have no family members or responsible person to prepare meals regularly may qualify to receive this service. Meals are delivered in Gaffney, Blacksburg and many of the surrounding rural areas.

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How does one receive meals?

Persons may apply for themselves or be referred by a hospital, doctor, minister, another agency, family member or concerned individual. Homes visits and medical forms are used to assess need.

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How does it work?

Meals On Wheels is most definitely a volunteer-driven organization. With nearly 350 volunteers participating, more than 1,600 meals per week are prepared and served in Cherokee County. From the volunteer board of directors to the drivers, packers, servers and office volunteers, Meals On Wheels serves Cherokee County residents with care and enthusiasm.

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How can I help?

Even though you may not need Meals On Wheels for yourself, there are hundreds in Cherokee County who may. You can help by giving a donation which will help provide meals for those unable to pay, or by volunteering as a driver or sub driver, kitchen worker, office volunteer, or any number of other volunteer opportunities.

Most drivers deliver one particular route the same day each week. Drivers may travel alone or in pairs. To deliver a route usually takes about one hour in town and 1 1/2 hours for rural routes. Kitchen volunteers usually work two hours in the morning. Volunteers also help with special projects.

Men, women, young and old, professionals, homemakers, retirees -- ANYONE -- can be a volunteer.

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How can companies help?

By sponsoring teams of employee volunteer meal deliverers, companies can make a difference in a critical area of need and strengthen their ties to the local community.

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